Foreign Exchange Controls in Uganda

One of the most frequent questions from our Clients looking to live and invest in Uganda is “Are there any exchange controls in your Jurisdiction?” Our answer is usually “Uganda’s laws on foreign exchange dealings in and out of the country are liberal.” Although persons in possession of large sums of money are required to […]


T This November 2019, the East African Community will be celebrating 20 years of existence. 30th November 1999 is the day Presidents’ Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda, Benjamin Mkapa then of Tanzania and Daniel Arap Moi then of Kenya signed the East African Treaty. Rwanda and Burundi have since joined as has the Republic of […]

Allowed Leave and holidays as provided for under the Employment Laws of Uganda

Annual Leave; an employee is entitled to a seven day holiday with full pay in respect of each four months continuous service. Unless otherwise provided in the employment contract, an employee is entitled to annual leave of 21 working days in a year.   Sick Leave; an employee who is sick is entitled to sick […]

Is your employment contract legal and enforceable under Ugandan law?

The relationship between an employer and his/her employee is contractual in nature and regulated by the terms and conditions of the contract of employment. However even though Uganda upholds the principle of right to contract and will enforce any contract, it is important to note that every employment contract must meet the legal requirements. Should […]

Amanya builds successful law firm against all odds

Women are making greater strides climbing the corporate ladder than gaining partnership at law firms. There are still few law firms whose managing partners are females. Something unusual happens to most women after they begin to climb into the upper tiers of law firms. They disappear into civil service, politics, civil society or join big […]

High Court summons Jennifer Musisi

Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director Jennifer Musisi Ssemakula has been summoned to appear before the High Court in Kampala on Friday. Ms Musisi is wanted in court for cross examination over her evidence in form of an affidavit, in a case filed against her by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, who is accusing her of, […]