Investing in the Housing Sector in Uganda

The government of Uganda recognizes that the state should provide means of access of good shelter to every Ugandan. The National Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy in the 1995 constitution of Ugandan provides that the State shall endeavor to fulfill the fundamental rights of all Ugandans to social justice and economic development and […]

Unreasonable taxes expose Uganda’s generational divide crisis

The first day of July came a crude surprise for  some of us. Just a few minutes after midnight those of us who were within the borders of Uganda found ourselves unable to access several internet sites because they had been categorised as ‘over-the-top’ services and slapped with a bizarre tax of UGX200 per day. Those […]

We need a revolution & change of mindset

WE NEED A REVOLUTION! Yesterday I joined Caring Hearts Uganda organization which is run by Mrs. Barbara Kyagulanyi aka Barbie Kyagulani aka Mrs. Bobi Wine, to Plant a Smile and give foodstuffs and other necessities to single mothers living in the Kamokya ghetto and slums. Their situation is dire! Huge number of people crammed into […]

What type of Employment Contract do you hold?

According to the 2015 Urban Labour Force Survey Report released by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, 51.1% of the population of people in Kampala City are employed, however there is a common difficulty for them to identify the nature of contract under which they are employed. Employment basically means a contractual relationship that is created […]

Brand Protection – A Previously unheard-of Phenomenon in Uganda

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to convince a local entrepreneur to register his brand name. Largely this was because of the lack of a proper understanding of how it’s done, the lack of knowledge of the rights derived from such protection whereas some felt it was not that important. A brand name […]