We need a revolution & change of mindset

WE NEED A REVOLUTION! Yesterday I joined Caring Hearts Uganda organization which is run by Mrs. Barbara Kyagulanyi aka Barbie Kyagulani aka Mrs. Bobi Wine, to Plant a Smile and give foodstuffs and other necessities to single mothers living in the Kamokya ghetto and slums. Their situation is dire! Huge number of people crammed into […]

What type of Employment Contract do you hold?

According to the 2015 Urban Labour Force Survey Report released by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, 51.1% of the population of people in Kampala City are employed, however there is a common difficulty for them to identify the nature of contract under which they are employed. Employment basically means a contractual relationship that is created […]

Brand Protection – A Previously unheard-of Phenomenon in Uganda

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to convince a local entrepreneur to register his brand name. Largely this was because of the lack of a proper understanding of how it’s done, the lack of knowledge of the rights derived from such protection whereas some felt it was not that important. A brand name […]